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UX Design
Project Overview
In this project I designed the MVP of a complex SaaS product-- an AI-driven applicant tracking software and people management platform that generates job postings, job details, organizes candidate pipelines, and coordinates candidate skill assessments. Over the course of 3 months, I designed the the MVP from scratch by creating a style guide/design system, designing atomic components and creating an interactive mockup. I also contributed to the overall visual and branding of the company.
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My Role
UX Designer
11 weeks


Applicant tracking systems are complex SaaS products that companies use to seek talent, gather candidates, assess necessary skills, and hire for positions.

Hiring processes are a complicated process because not only does it involve job candidates and skills, but is integrated into a complex system of people management including employee engagement tracking, skills training, and organization maps/headcount systems.

The main problems can be summarized into three main points:


Why is this important?

Business success is driven by having the right people in the right place. Effective hiring practices directly correlates to employee engagement, which can contribute to the overall success of employee driven businesses.

Research Insights

Market research shows that:
of startup founders are concerned about hiring the best talent
worry about hiring fast enough
worry about not having the right talent

The stages of job recruitment include: analyzing requirement, planning recruitment process, attracting candidates, and selecting candidates.​ Recruitment and selection of qualified candidates play a critical role in businesses success and organizational development​. Long recruitment cycles and discriminatory job requirements are obstacles that both recruiters and candidates experience.


User Personas

Jazmin is one of the main user personas for this product-- a busy, 31 year old technical recruiter currently in peak hiring season at the software company she works for.

User Journey Map

This chart displays Jazmin's journey map as a technical recruiter. Her expectations are to post multiple job listings, track candidate progress, and design an efficient interview process for her candidates.

Initial Wireframes

The MVP called for the following main features:

  • AI-generated job listing creation + job board
  • A visual candidate pipeline
  • Employee engagement survey
  • A organizational headcount view

These are the initial wireframes in the ideation phase.

Visual Direction / Mood Board

For the visual direction, I decided to go for a minimal, sophisticated look to reduce the clutter especially for a complex product like an ATS & people management platform.

  • Minimal curvature
  • A card design to organize content
  • Simple and user-friendly font
  • Blues, grays, off-whites

Design System

The values this design system reflects are user-centered design, intuitive design through minimalism, and accessible navigation.

My client wanted a simple and minimalistic branding to the product. I went for limited primary colors with a simple and clean font to achieve this look.


Some common patterns in the design system include:


Organizes extensive information on the platform including candidate profiles, job creation, and planning components.

Table View

Used in the job board view, job listings (candidate view), and candidate resources.

Kanban Layout

Organizes the candidate pipeline.

Component Library

Here's a collection of some of the main components used in the product.

Final Product

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The final MVP with basic functionalities (use full screen for interactions).

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The project's tight timeline and priorities could not afford extensive research. If I were to continue iterating on this project, my process would greatly emphasize user research and collaboration with the stakeholders of the problem space. Overall, this project was a great experience where I had the opportunity to exercise my skills in design thinking, design systems, and branding.