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UX Design
Project Overview
In this project I designed a mobile application for a financial services and business analytics startup called Balance. As the sole designer, I was responsible for translating the business into a seamless, intuitive mobile app experience.
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My Role
UX & UI Designer
3 months
Figma, Figjam, Miro


What is it?

Balance is a financial services and business analytics product that is targeted towards Generation Z hustlers including content creators, small business owners, and freelancers. It provides a seamless, all-in-one mobile application that allows users to view and manage cash flow, set business strategy goals, and track growth over time using AI generated business insights.

What was my role?

My role as the sole UX designer was to translate Balance into a seamless, user friendly mobile app while contributing to branding and collaborating with my client.


The research for this problem space was completed by my client prior to my on boarding. Here are some key research insights that guided the vision and purpose of Balance.

Let's begin with a quote from a user interview with a small business owner.

"I owned several E-Commerce businesses and a clothing brand, and I found that keeping track of cash flow was getting increasingly difficult as I scaled my businesses. I would lose track of how much I spent on ad spend, outsourcing employees & more. Money was lost in the cracks. I had to audit all the data to create efficient financial strategies for my businesses. This cost me a significant amount of time & money that I  would've rather spent on my businesses."

The user research insights emphasize the importance of organization and seamless tracking when growing a business. In addition to user research, understanding the market and trends allowed us to understand the audience and the scale of the problem we are solving.

Over 25% of businesses are conducted online.
As of 2021, there were over 200 million e-commerce shoppers.
70.4 million freelancers in 2022, projected growth of 73.3 million by the end of 2023.
Accounts for over 36% of the U.S. workforce.
There are 50 million content creators in the U.S. alone.
(Across multiple social media platforms)

This pain point affects all users of our target audience. The mission of balance is to empower businesses by providing a service that helps organize and scale their entrepreneurial efforts. The solution would achieve the following:

Track business cash flow: revenue, profit, & expenses
Organize business operations & tasks
Provide business strategy & growth insights


User Persona

Kyle Wu is a 28 year-old full time content creator. He focuses on making authentic, relatable and engaging day in the life videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Kyle's biggest pain point is that revenue slips through the cracks due to poor expense tracking. He also has many responsibilities (brand deals, ad spend, filming) and struggles to keep track of his performance across multiple social media platforms on a consistent basis.

With this persona in mind, I began my ideation process.

Ideate & Discover

The specific features my client wanted in the product are:

  • business marketing data view
  • cash flow tracking: revenue, profit and expenses
  • business strategy and growth resources
My ideation process was driven by this question:

How can this information be presented in an intuitive, accessible, and user friendly manner?


In my ideation process, I explored many possible ideas through a whiteboarding session (don't worry about focusing in on the image)....

... which was followed by a prioritization mapping after extracting the best ideas:

Final Ideas (Converge)

Going back to the question: How can this information be presented in an intuitive, accessible, and user friendly manner?

These are the main ideas integrated into the final product.

Summary Feature (main dashboard)
Organize all important information in a single dashboard view.
Filter different revenue sources, view expenses & budgeting targets in graph view
Create an intuitive experience while displaying data effectively.
Business Operations Tracking
View engagement across multiple platforms in a streamlined view-- have a workspace to track upcoming events and tasks.


A quick scenario with our persona Kyle, using some of the main features from the brainstorm ideas.

Initial Wireframes

A few of the low-fidelity wireframes that outline the home screen (dashboard) and the finances tab.

After multiple iterations and feedback from my client, I created the styling and branding guidelines and integrated everything into the final MVP mobile application.

Final Product

Here are the final mock ups of the Balance mobile application. I integrated a dark mode theme to achieve a clean, sleek look. Select each frame to expand view.

Embedded Prototype

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Go to Figma document



I really enjoyed working on this project-- it put me outside of my comfort zone in many ways including practices in UI design, product thinking, and pivots when working with my client.
I enjoyed contributing to the product branding and iterating on the designs. If I had the chance to stay on the team, I would have conducted many usability testing and continued to revise design and fully fledge them out.

Results & Impact

This was the initial MVP with many time constraints. My client was very satisfied with the initial design phase which was completed in a short time frame. There were challenging pivots during this project, however the changes were executed effectively and are evident in the final MVP.

Next Steps

This was a contract position and as present time, has been passed off to my client. If I were to have continued this project, I would continue to iterate on the design by organizing and conducting usability testings and stakeholder interviews. Next step for Balance was the first development stage and I wish this project the best of luck on its future endeavors!